Making a KEF LS50 Clone

Since you can buy two to three pairs of KEF Q150 for the price of one pair of LS50 Meta depending on whether there’s a sale or not, I decided to build an LS50 clone using a Q150 driver to see if they would sound similar after equalization. The clone wouldn’t have the beautiful curved front baffle and better crossover of LS50 Meta, but it would otherwise be very similar in construction….

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Three Power Amp Fan Mods

I use pro audio power amps in my home theater. They provide tons of power for little money. There is one major downside though. Most models feature noisy fans, and for a good reason – pro audio power amps are often run at their limits, and many manufacturers prefer to err on the side of caution. For home use though, you can usually get away with replacing the built-in fans with quieter ones…

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Aycan Gulez